Have you ever gone into a pet store and noticed all of the snuffle toys designed to keep a pet mentally stimulated and occupied while you are doing other tasks?  Have you noticed that even the largest of them are still too small for a dog the size of a Newfoundland?

Our hand crafted snuffle ball is 12″ to 14″ meaning it is the perfect size! It is made of two or more colors of fleece fabric put together with strong plastic ties. It is fully washable and durable as fleece lacks the threading that is in other fabrics so it limits a dog’s ability to shred it.

Keeping your pet happy and satisfied helps reduce stress, boredom, separation anxiety, fast gobble eating and other unwanted behavior. Pets of all ages need mental enrichment, especially when physical activity is limited. Snuffling and rooting stimulates your dog’s instinctual desire to forage and hunt for food, dig in the dirt and challenges them with the mental excitement they typically receive when exploring outside.

Place dry treats, dog food or kibble throughout the fleece folds. Place on the floor and watch the fun times begin. (Tossing the ball around may cause treats to fall out). This is not intended to be a full-time toy. While it is durable, nothing is indestructible when it comes to a dog! Keeping the ball put up and away when not in use helps to make your dog excited to see you bring the ball out for use! Always supervise your pets activities until you are certain they will not try to destroy it.

To clean simply throw in the washer on warm and dry on cool heat. Longer dryer times should be expected due to the density of the ball. Use natural laundry soaps and vinegar for extra cleaning strength. Do NOT use bleach. Dryer sheets not recommended for safety reasons.

Colors and patterns for each ball may vary however all of them will have two to three different fabrics that compliment each other.

Handcrafted by NNR Volunteer Kati Cobb exclusively for National Newfoundland Rescue.


Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

Holiday, Dog Themed, Standard