Newfie Sized Bandanas


Our Newfie bandanas are a must-have for any fashionable big breed. Their durable design ensures they’ll hold up to your Newfie’s adventurous lifestyle. With so many fun prints to choose from, you can switch up their look daily! Make dressing up your Newfoundland easy with our oversized bandanas made just for big personalities

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Let your Newfie make a bold style statement with our oversized bandanas made just for big breeds! With its extra-large size, your Newfoundland will turn heads in these eye-catching accessories.
– Specifically designed for large dog breeds like Newfoundland’s
– Fun prints like paws, bones, flowers, plaid, and more –
Durable 100% cotton material ties easily around the neck
Give your Newfie big personality with our Newfie sized bandanas. The oversized design provides better coverage for large breed necks and chests. Your Newfoundland will look picture perfect for any occasion in these stylish and sturdy accessories.
Mojo our model is 148 lbs, check out the coverage!
Made from 100% cotton, double sided. Spot treat, wash, dry, hot iron those wrinkles out and wear over and over again!

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