16 Blank Wine Themed Newfoundland Cards


Stunning Collection of 16 Newfoundland Cards: Blank Inside

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For dog lovers who also appreciate fine wine, this charming set of illustrated Newfoundland greeting cards is calling your name.

  • 16 different designs featuring detailed illustrations of Newfoundland dogs with wine images
  • Blank insides for your personal greetings and notes
  • Heavyweight 5″x7″ cardstock with envelopes included
  • Perfect for wine connoisseurs, dog enthusiasts, and animal lovers alike

With their sweet, gentle nature and loyal companionship, Newfoundlands have won the hearts of many. Now you can share your love for this breed in your personal greetings with friends, family and fellow dog devotees. The beautiful illustrations paired with wine motifs add a touch of sophistication, making these cards work for any occasion. Spread joy and celebrate your passion for dogs and wine!

Watermark for Illustration only

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