Welcome to National Newfoundland Rescue!

We are a Foster Based 501c3 non-profit Newfoundland & Newfoundland Mix Rescue dedicated to saving the lives of Newfoundland dogs across America. Please use the link below to meet our wonderful dogs looking for their forever homes and find out how you can help us in our mission!

Testimonials from people that have worked with us:

A note for a prospective NNR parents. I want to highly recommended NNR for anyone who’s considering adopting! The process went very smooth for my husband and myself and our advocate was behind us 110%! Be patient and remember your 1st choice may not happen due to the process but I promise your new “Newfie” is waiting patiently. The support after the adoption has been truly amazing from many involved and we really appreciate it. Please Adopt and support NNR in all ways possible. ~Benjamin's new Mom

Today we brought home our newest family member, Gracie, now Alexandra. She is everything we were told to expect and more. It takes hard work from caring dedicated people to help families through the difficult process of surrendering their dog. Find a foster family to help prepare this dog for a new family, take care of any medical or behavioral issues that the dog might have, and then find just the right family to love and care for the dog. Everyone I spoke with was looking out for the best interest of the dog and my family. I want to thank you all, Gracie is a wonderful sweetheart and we're so glad to have her as our baby. ~Thank you from Gracie's new family!

My husband and I had adopted 2 pups in the past from different shelters. During the process there was no interview, no questions about our family situation, nothing. I will say at first it seemed like a huge process to adopt Linus but I wouldn't change a thing. I appreciate the process, it means you care very much about each and every pup. It means that through this process the pup will benefit by the thorough household check and personal interview. It's important that if a pup, for whatever reason, needs to find a new home they find the right home. They deserve to find his/her furever loving family. ~From Linus' furever family

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Kabob’s tips for dogs; When you cuddle and dance with a tennis ball, it will always come back to you!#adoptkabob #nationalnewfoundlandrescue ... See MoreSee Less
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The countdown continues! 6 Days left to enter and vote!NNR Calendar Photo Contestwww.gogophotocontest.com/nationalnewfoundlandrescueRESERVE A DAY HONOR YOUR NEWF, NEWF MIXThis can be for your dog's 'gotcha' day, birthday, loved one's birthday, memorial or really any special day! Your dogs photo will appear on the day of your choice. Just choose your favorite photo and then choose the day and pay! www.gogophotocontest.com/nationalnewfoundlandrescue/calendardayToday we honor another 10 Entries and the humans that submitted them to help us raise funds for the dogs of NNR!Cowabunga Logan, Mater & OakleyRakusKenzie JeanTuckermanBuster & BrodieTuckHagridTrinityMeadow & BreslynWe wish you all the very best!Please help support the dogs of NNR and vote for your favorites. Votes are $1.00 each. Thank you!! 🖤🤎🖤 ... See MoreSee Less
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The countdown continues! 7 Days left to enter and vote!NNR Calendar Photo Contestwww.gogophotocontest.com/nationalnewfoundlandrescue4 More hours left to vote during the VOTING PROMO!!DONATE $10 FOR VOTES AND RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 5 VOTES!That's a total of 15 votes for every $10 that you donate. Ends on Sunday, September 24th @8:00 PM ESTwww.gogophotocontest.com/nationalnewfoundlandrescueToday, we Celebrate 10 more of our Entries! Just look at them in all their glory!Looks like Cyrus is trying to get the Centerfold 🤩CyrusDash (Dashy Dasherson)OliverRemyApolloCashmereTaraHaupia aka AndersSchoonerWoollyBest of luck to all of you!Please help support the dogs of NNR and vote for your favorites. Votes are $1.00 each. Thank you!! 🖤🤎🖤 ... See MoreSee Less
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